Nickname إيمان22 (iiman22)
Nationality Morocco
Country of Residence Morocco
City غير محددة
Wanted marriage Normal , Mesyar , Multiple ,
The last login was in Before 1 year ( 27/02/2018 )
23 Year
Personal Info
Age 23 Year
Length 160 cm
Weight 60 Kg
Hair type soft
Hair Color Light brown
Eyes color Hazel
Skin Color Brown
Health status Healthy
Religiosity Little
Commitment to prayer Not Commitment
The veil Not veiled ( Not use Hijab)
Smoking Non-smoker
Listen to songs Yes Listen
Study and work
Education High School
Work field Not working
Financial status Below average
Yearly Income Less than $ 25,000.
Marital status
Preferred marriage type Normal , Mesyar , Multiple ,
Marriage acceptable Don't mind be other wife
Marital status Divorced
Number of children you have None
Do you want to have children? Yes
I want my wife/husbend to be
ان يكون جاد صريح يحب الحياة
More information about iiman22
انسانة رومنسية جادة احب الحياة احب اهلي مابحب الهزار
Date of registration Before 1 year ( 27/02/2018 )

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